Michael Azuma, a.k.a. AZU, is a Los Angeles-based artist whose music draws on complex synth layering, foley elements from nature, and atmospheric pads, to create beautiful, immersive, and passionate soundscapes.


Michael began teaching himself how to DJ and produce at the age of 12. His obsession and love for artists like Skrillex, Porter Robinson, and Madeon pushed him to start producing his own music.


His debut album, Polymer – a showcase of AZU’s production skills and versatility – was released in August 2019. Michael plans on spending the rest of 2019 collaborating with and producing for local Los Angeles artists as well as preparing new remixes and originals for next year.


“I strive to figure out the last 10% the projects I work on need. I really believe the last 10% differentiates average songs from the classics. I want whoever listens to my music to keep coming back and discover something new on each listen.”


AZU hopes to continue developing his sound as he finishes off school at USC where he is majoring in Music Industry and Music Production.

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